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How does Codeine Phosphate work?

Codeine Phosphate is an action-focused antitussive agent. It has the alkaloids of the phenanthrene series. Besides, it is also associated with opioid receptor agonists, which significantly reduces the cough center’s irritability, which is associated with its direct inhibition. The analgesic effect of a substance is better explained by activating its opioid receptors, which exhibit stimulation in many parts of the central nervous system. Besides, it also slightly changed the emotional perception of pain. After injection, the analgesic effect demonstrates itself in around 10 to 45 minutes and around 30 minutes after taking the tablets. Its action time lasts around 4-5 hours.

What are the uses of Codeine Phosphate?

The indications for the use of the medicines like Dihydrocodeine and Co-codamol having Codeine Phosphate are mostly for the pain of various origins.

  • Tooth pain
  • Joints pain
  • Pain after any injury
  • Ailing pain after surgery
  • Also given during colds and flu
  • In case of dry tiring cough and fever.

Both of these medicines are recommended mostly to reduce the pain of low to moderate intensity and given in both tablets and syrup form. They are intended for use in treating mild pain, which is not relieved after treatment with drugs containing only one active substance.

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