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Zolpidem 10MG

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Zolpidem ATB 10mg is a sleep aid manufactured by Romanian pharmaceutical company Antibiotice. It is commonly used to treat insomnia and sleep disorders. 

Zolpidem ATB 10mg contains 10mg of a drug known as zolpidem, or zolpidemi tartras. It is a benzodiazepine-related medication which works in the same way as ‘benzos’; by attaching to the GABA receptor in the brain to slow down activity and enable the muscles to relax, and the body to rest. It produces a relaxed, sedative, hypnotic feeling throughout the body, resulting in feelings of sleepiness when taken. 

Zolpidem works in a similar way to other ‘z’ drugs, like zopiclone. However, studies have found that zolpidem typically has a greater effect on sleep-onset latency, so is sometimes the preferred option for conditions which make it difficult to fall asleep. Other ‘z’ drugs like zopiclone are usually recommended for conditions that make it difficult to remain asleep throughout the night, or which cause early waking. 

It is possible to buy zolpidem in both 5mg and 10mg doses. 10mg is considered to be the standard dose for a healthy adult, generating similar effects as 7.5mg zopiclone. Those over the age of 65, as well as those with liver or kidney problems, may be advised to split a tablet in half for a 5mg dose. It is always best to take the tablet just before going to bed, as the medicine is known to work quickly, usually within 1 hour. 

A bitter or metallic taste in the mouth after taking zolpidem is common, and can be lessened by using mouthwash and staying hydrated. Other side effects may include some memory loss. Always speak to your doctor if you experience side effects. 

While it is not possible to obtain zolpidem over the counter in the UK, it is possible to buy zolpidem online from reputable online pharmacies specialising in sleep aids. 


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